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Jun 21, 2018
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February 28, 2018

CHES Annual Science Fair, March 21

Sign up by March 7

Come join us for our annual STEM Fair Extravaganza on Wednesday, March 21 where students and their families will have a night of fun engaging in scientific discovery!

Students and families in grades K-5​ may participate in the fair by creating or selecting a project or experiment that they would like to present at school during the STEM Fair.

The STEM Fair is an experiential, non-competitive event designed to inspire curiosity and experimentation. All students that submit a project/experiment will be recognized for their participation and effort.

Projects can be very wide ranging. Some ideas include: designing and/or performing an experiment or demonstration, making a model or computer program, investigating a question or phenomenon of interest, or designing a solution to a problem. Be creative! Even if you are not participating, all students and families are encouraged to come and experience the amazing STEM projects on display during the evening.

How to participate:

1. Create or choose an age appropriate and safe project or experiment that you can design at home and display/perform at school. Complete the attached form and return it to your child’s teacher by March 7, 2018.

2. Create some type of Self Standing ​presentation board to showcase your project/experiment. You will have a space of approximately 2ft x 3ft to present your poster and materials. Decide if you would like to demonstrate (perform) all or a portion of your project/experiment in addition to your poster during the STEM Fair. Indicate this on the form on the next page. Certain experiments may not be easily performed. We will contact you in advance if we feel it is not manageable.

3. Poster projects and other materials should be brought by participants the evening of the event. The set-up period will be from 5:30-6:00pm. Please note any student attending the event must be accompanied by an adult throughout the evening.

Ideas to consider for your poster presentation (feel free to add other elements of your choice):

  • Your Name/Grade:
  • Experiment/Project Title:
  • Question - What are you investigating or modeling in the project/experiment? Why did you choose it?
  • Procedure - The steps you have taken to complete the project/experiment.
  • Results - Display the data you collected in the project/experiment or what you actually designed, discovered or modeled (may include pictures, graphs, charts, etc.).
  • Conclusion - Briefly summarize your results in writing. What did you discover/learn? Did the results support your original ideas? What would you do differently with your project/experiment if performed again?

Looking for help getting started?