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Jun 25, 2018
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Fine Arts: Performing & Visual Arts Hall of Fame

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The mission of the BH-BL Performing and Visual Arts Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding artists, musicians, thespians, and distinguished mentors/contributors who have made significant contributions to the BH-BL Fine Arts Program through their service, performance, dedication, commitment and accomplishments.

The purpose is to:

  • Establish in our students a motivating influence to excel in Fine Arts as well as the community
  • Foster Pride, promote talent, scholarship and citizenship in our school and community
  • Promote the pride and tradition of BH-BL Art, Music, and Theatre

Candidates for membership in the BH-BL Performing and Visual Arts Hall of Fame shall be Alumni (former BH-BL artists, musicians, and thespians), and Mentors/Contributors who are nominated. A PDF of the nomination form may be downloaded but it is also available in the Fine Arts Office at the high sSchool.

Criteria for selection may include:


  • Graduated from BH-BL 10 or more years ago
  • Had artwork accepted into and displayed at local, regional, and/or national exhibitions
  • Was accepted into NYSSMA Conference All-State
  • Participated in Area All-State, Suburban Council, and All-County music festivals
  • Was a lead in numerous BH-BL Drama and/or Musical productions
  • Has pursued a college degree in the Performing or Visual Arts
  • Has pursued a career in the Performing or Visual Arts


  • Has worked with BH-BL Fine Arts students for 15 or more years
  • Has served the BH-BL Fine Arts program and its students with distinction.
  • Has gone “above and beyond” for the BH-BL Fine Arts program and its students.