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Aug 22, 2017
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February 17, 2017

8th Grade Class Night photo montage pictures due, April 5

We are starting the process of compiling pictures to include in the photo montage that will be played at the 8th Grade Class Night Event.

Our goal is to include at least one photo of each 8th grade student busy with their friends (sports, parties, plays, field trips, etc.). Pictures must be from their middle school years only. Our hope is to create a montage that captures students’ growth through middle school.

Please send us digital pictures of your child with friends. Feel free to send multiple photos and group shots of students in action. Winter vacation is a great time to capture some photos!!
Please follow the directions below:

  • Use a jpeg format. We will only be able to include photos in this format. If you have printed photos that need to be scanned and saved as a jpeg file, please feel free to stop and see Dave DeLuke at Mail 'n More for
  • Rename each digital photo using the names of the students (i.e. John Doe, Suzi Black and Jimmy Ford). We have a class list and will be checking off each student as we receive pictures. We want to be sure that we have everyone included and naming the photos will help us out greatly.
  • Email the photos to with "Class Night Photo" in the subject line
  • Send your photos no later than April 5, 2017.


Thank you,

8th Grade Class Night Committee