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Jun 24, 2018
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October 21, 2013

New safety and security procedures in place at MS 

Beginning this school year, new security equipment was installed at the main front entrance of each BH-BL school. All schools now have an electronic entry system, improved camera surveillance and an electronic visitor record system.

To enter a building during school hours, adults will need to use the front entrance and show a form of photo identification (i.e. a driver’s license). A monitor will "buzz" visitors into the building and issue a visitor badge.

Showing identification when entering your child’s school during the school day will require a few more seconds of parents’ time, but is now commonplace among many area school districts.

No security system is foolproof. However, there is a growing body of knowledge regarding “best practice” in the field of school security. Guided by this expertise, we will continuously review and update our facilities and procedures.

"We are confident that our school can remain the warm and inviting place it has always been while we also take reasonable precautions and take advantage of the best security practices for our school," explains Middle School Principal Colleen Wolff.