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Jun 25, 2018
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March 15, 2017
Read-a-thon, March 31 to April 8

How many minutes can a Stevens student read in a week? Well, we will find out when students take part in a read-a-thon where they set a reading goal, ask for pledges, and then read, read and read some more. Learn more about the read-a-thon and make a pledge. 

What is our goal?

Our goal is that all of the students and their families at Stevens Elementary participate in the read-a-thon. We encourage everyone to pick up a book and read to or with your child. We want our students to enjoy reading and are encouraging them to set a challenging but attainable goal and have fun reading each day to meet that goal. As they work towards this, they have opportunities to win prizes along the way. 100% of this fundraiser will benefit the students and we are asking that you please join us in asking at least five friends, family and neighbors to sponsor your child. Donors can even pay online by credit or debit card. [ONLINE PLEDGE]

Here’s how it works

This packet contains the Pledge form (which is the collection envelope) the reading log and this flyer.

  • Students begin by setting a reading goal. These guidelines are located on the reading log.
  • Then students ask for pledges to support their nine day read-a-thon. Sponsors can donate one flat amount for the entire read-a-thon which should be collected right away. These donations should be returned with the Pledge form to school on March 27th . Be sure to make a copy of the Pledge form for your records.
  • Sponsors can also pledge an amount per minute such as 20 cents per minute. These donations will be collected after the read-a-thon ends and the total minutes read are calculated. These donations should be turned in to school by April 12.
  • Payment is accepted by cash, checks made payable to Stevens PTA or online. Online payments can be made at: or through the donate button on the school’s website
  • Please do not go door to door to solicit for donations.
  • Stevens PTA is a recognized 501(c) nonprofit organization and all donations may be tax deductible.


About Reading

  • Set a challenging but attainable goal
  • Read and log your minutes on the reading log between Fri. March 31st and Sat. April 8th
  • Please do not guess at your reading minutes, look at the clock or use a timer to accurately record your minutes
  • Have an adult sign your reading log

Minutes that count

  • Reading before and after school
  • Being read to by other people.
  • Reading aloud to your dog, cat, goldfish
  • Reading in a train, with a fox, in the rain or on a box
  • Reading under the covers with a flashlight
  • Reading cereal boxes, flash cards, magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, websites and all parent approved reading material
  • Reading to your sister or brother and if they are a Stevens superstar then the minutes count for both of you!

Minutes that do not count

  • Reading before March 31st or after April 8th
  • Reading instead of doing your homework
  • Reading during regular class time


Prize Eligibility

Remember to be eligible for prizes:

1. Pledge forms must be turned into school by Mon. March 27 and

2. Completed reading log, signed by an adult, and all remaining money must be turned into school by Wed. April 12.

Prizes, Prizes and More Prizes

  • Turn in your reading logs by Wednesday, April 12 to receive a participation award.
  • Turn in your pledge form by Monday, March 27 with at least one sponsor and be entered into several drawings to win prizes throughout the read-a-thon.
  • Students from each grade level with the most reading minutes will win $20 in Scholastic reward dollars and a prize bag.
  • Students from each grade with the most pledges will win $20 in Scholastic reward dollars and a prize bag.
  • All students who turn in their pledge form by Monday, March 27 and their signed reading log by Wednesday, April 12 and have at least $100 in pledges will receive a prize bag.
  • Reach the school wide goal of a total 54,000 minutes read from all of the students and the entire school will have a surprise celebration!


Extra Materials

Packets were sent home with every student, however, here are extra forms you can download