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Nov 29, 2015
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Transportation: Emergency Closings & Delays

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School Closing Policies

When circumstances require that classes be cancelled or delayed for an emergency or weather-related reason, announcements are posted on this website and the district's Facebook page, shared with the news media, and emailed to anyone who has signed up to receive such alerts on our School News Notifier (SNN) service. For other emergency resources such as Schenectady County bridge closures and other county/NYS alerts click here.

Such announcements will normally first be given between 6:00 and 6:45 a.m. and will be repeated. Unless otherwise noted, all scheduled use of the schools is cancelled on a day that schools are closed for emergency or weather-related reasons.

All parents, especially working parents, should instruct their children where to go if schools are dismissed unexpectedly during the day. However, BH-BL parents may find that our schools are less likely to close unexpectedly during the day than in many other districts. We believe that safety lies in following established routines. When surveyed, our parents have asked that we try not to send children home unexpectedly during the day. Both staff and parents are concerned about children being sent to empty homes or being confused as to where they should go, given the complex child care arrangements many children have today.

If a severe winter storm catches the local weather forecasters we depend on by surprise, the Superintendent may be forced to send children home early, but we try to avoid doing this. We often find that by the afternoon, when classes would normally be letting out, snow plows have cleared the roads and travel conditions have improved.