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Nov 16, 2018
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About Us: History and Enrollment Information

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Our History

The BH-BL Central School District has a nearly 100-year history of stability and excellence in education and of residents and staff working together. In fact, the district began when local residents grew tired of paying tuition and railroad fares for their children to attend high schools in nearby towns and decided to build their own high school.

  • 1915: Three one-room schools join to form the "Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Union Free School District," New York state's first "consolidated" school district.
  • 1916: The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School of Agriculture & Homemaking opens on Lakehill Road on the site of the current Stevens Elementary School.
  • 1920: The first high school graduation ceremony is held for two pupils.
  • 1925-62: Gradually 14 more one-room schools join the BH-BL centralized district.
  • 1930-31: The front section of the original Lakehill Road school burns and is rebuilt.
  • 1951: Our first specifically elementary school, Pashley, is built on Pashley Road. With the post-war baby boom, the community is growing so fast that the new school cannot handle the elementary enrollment, and many children continue to attend one-room schools.
  • 1955: The BH-BL High School is built, and the original Lakehill Road school is converted to the Ballston Lake Elementary School
  • 1958: The Glenhaven and Charlton Heights Elementary Schools are built on Cypress Drive and Stage Road, respectively, using the same design and floor plans to save money.
  • 1961: The new Junior High opens, the third district school to be built on Lakehill Road.
  • 1962-69: Additions are built onto all six district schools to handle the still-growing enrollment.
  • 1967: Ballston Lake Elementary is renamed the Francis L. Stevens Elementary School to honor its longtime school principal and the district's first Superintendent of Schools.
  • 1970: District enrollment reaches a peak of 5,467 pupils.
  • 1981: Glenhaven Elementary is closed due to declining enrollment. The district administrative offices and several tenants move into Glenhaven, and the former administration building is sold.
  • 1985: 9th grades classes are moved from the Junior High to the High School.
  • 1988: 6th grade classes are moved from the elementary schools to the Junior High, and that building is converted to the BH-BL Middle School for grades 6-8.
  • 1994: The Middle School is renamed the Richard H. O'Rourke Middle School to honor Dr. O'Rourke upon his retirement after 25 years as the superintendent of schools.
  • 2004: The Glenhaven Building is renamed the Hostetter Administration & Leadership Center to honor retiring superintendent Bill Hostetter.



Since the mid-1980's, enrollment in the district's five schools has remained remarkably steady, hovering between 3,300 to 3,500 total pupils annually.

In October 2010, the school district serves 3,335 pupils, including 27 pupils placed full time in BOCES, vocational or special education schools.

The district's three elementary schools range in enrollment from 400 to 500 pupils each. All three elementary schools serve grades K-5.

Serving grades 6, 7 and 8, the O'Rourke Middle School has approximately 790 pupils, and the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School serves some 1,170 students in grades 9-12.