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Nov 16, 2018
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PACE: Programs for Achieving Children's Excellence

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What is PACE?

In October 2000, the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District Board of Education adopted a policy supporting gifted education. The PACE program (Programs for Achieving Children’s Excellence) was established for both English/Language Arts and Mathematics in support of this initiative. Over the years, the two divisions have evolved into comprehensive, coherent and articulated programs designed to challenge and meet the needs of highly-abled students.

The PACE mathematics and English/Language Arts (ELA) programs have been developed to challenge students beginning in grade 4 and continuing through Grade 12. There are two levels of PACE math and ELA. The PACE LEVEL I program accelerates students one year ; the PACE LEVEL II program accelerates students two years ahead of their grade level peers. Each level has rigorous entrance criteria and standards that must be maintained in order to continue in the program.

Choices, choices, choices

As is the case with most highly abled children, their talents and interests are many and varied. BH-BL does its best to schedule activities and programs so they do not conflict with one another. However, since PACE students often take courses “above grade level,” there may be times when your child will have to make choices, selecting one program or activity over another. Please discuss this with your child before deciding if the program is right for him or her. Once in the program, please be cognizant of any changes in your child’s behavior or work habits. If you notice any increase in his/her stress level that could be attributed to the PACE program, please contact us immediately.


The BH-BL mathematics and ELA departments recognizes that all children do not develop at the same rate. Some children may be ready for higher-order thinking skills and more difficult concepts much earlier or much later than their peers. Therefore, the department constantly monitors the progress of all students. If it is determined that a student would be better served or challenged in another program, the parent will be contacted. We also have provisions for new students entering the district. A committee reviews the records of each new student and a placement is made. Each new student is monitored very closely to ensure appropriate placement.

It is the goal of the mathematics and ELA departments to meet the needs of and to challenge each and every student. We will do our best to work with you to see that your child’s needs are appropriately met.