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Nov 16, 2018
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Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation: Interscholastic Sports Booster Clubs

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kids playing dodge ballThe following clubs exist to support BH-BL students involved in various sports. They are run not by the school district but by parents and community members. They provide BH-BL athletes and coaches with a wide variety of extra services and activities that support and strengthen our interscholastic program. For more information, call or click below. If a sport is not listed than it either has no Booster Club associated with it or the district has no information at this time.

Fall Athletics

Cross Country: Boys

Kristin Short: 518-399-8211 

Cross Country: Girls

Kristin Short: 518-399-8211  

Field Hockey

John Kemp:   Phone: 518-384-2572


Jennifer Gray:

Soccer: Boys

John Malone: 518-399-4014

Soccer: Girls

John Malone: 518-399-4014

Swimming: Girls

Gina Brown: 518-384-2544  [WEBSITE]

Volleyball: Boys

Paul Sander: 518-384-0429

Volleyball: Girls

Gary Bynon: 518-884-2909


Winter Athletics

Ice Hockey

Colleen Grabb: 518-930-8814

Indoor Track

Kristin Short: 518-399-8211  Website:

Swimming: Boys

Gina Brown: 518-384-2544  [WEBSITE]


Mike Hale: 518-399-4846


Spring Athletics


Dan Maynard: 518-858-2618

Lacrosse: Boys and Girls

Brian Heck: 518-384-1973


Amy Farella-Delafleur: 518-399-1618

Track: Boys

Kristin Short: 518-399-8211  Website:

Track: Girls

Kristin Short: 518-399-8211  Website: