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Nov 19, 2018
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Application Procedures for Use of District Facilities


The Facilities Coordinator coordinates and administers the use of the facilities for community and nonresident
groups, as well as certain school groups. Its primary purpose is to assign such groups based on their
needs and to the extent their requests can be accommodated with the use of facilities by Burnt Hills-Ballston
Lake’s academic and other programs.

The Facilities Coordinator approves the use of the gyms and assists in the overall coordination of the use of
fields and other areas of the BH-BL School District buildings with the principal and Director of Physical
Education and Athletics. Each building’s principal approves use of school space other than gyms. Use of any
school facilities requires an application form issued by the school district. Any form, however, is subject to
alteration or cancellation should the facility be needed for district purposes or for any other reason consistent
with law and policy AR 1500. Users must adhere to rules applicable to the space (i.e., gym or field) for which
the application form is granted.

Application Steps:

1. All applications for the use of facilities must be made in writing two weeks prior to the proposed
date of use and submitted to the Facilities Coordinator at BH-BL High School, Athletic Office,
88 Lakehill Road, Burnt Hills, NY 12027. Application for the facility use forms are available in the
Facility Coordinator’s Office, on our website under “Publications & Forms” and at all school offices.

2. The applicant must clearly and completely describe the intended use of the district facility in the

3. All applicants must review Board Policy AR 1500 Use of District Facilities prior to submitting the
application. The authorized agent of the group or organization requesting use must sign all
applications. The applicant’s signature on the form shall attest to the group or organization’s intent
to comply with all Board policies and regulations and to use district facilities strictly in accordance
with the use described in the application.

4. Submission of the application constitutes agreement to assume responsibility for all damages to the
district property, including but not limited to buildings and equipment which results from the
organization’s use of facilities. Proof of Insurance in accordance with Board Policy AR 1500 must be
provided at least 14 days before the date of the requested use.

5. An agreement form to use facilities shall be issued upon approval of the application and shall be
valid for the facility, use, dates and time specified in the form. No adjustment to the application is
allowed except with the prior written approval of the Facility Coordinator or appropriate school
principal. Applications shall not be transferable.

6. The application to use facilities is a revocable application, which the district may alter or cancel in its
sole discretion, should the facility be subsequently required for district purposes, or for any other
reason consistent with law and this policy.

7. With regard to scheduling activities, the district retains the right to give preference to Group 1
followed by Group 2 organizations (see Fee schedule). Space and time is not allotted on a first-
come, first-served basis.

8. Issuance of an application to use a facility shall not limit the right of access to the facility by district