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Nov 19, 2018
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Community Corner: Continuing Education Brochure

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Schedule Changes/Updates

Due to a scheduling conflict, the start dates for Tuesday's Continuing Yoga, Beginner Rumba, and Beginner Samba classes will now begin on Oct. 2. They are beginning a week later and therefore will run a week longer.


Fall 2018 Registration, Sept. 11

  • In-person registration is Tuesday, September 11 from 6-8 p.m. at O'Rourke Middle School, 173 Lakehill Rd., Burnt Hills
  • Registration forms and payment may also be mailed to: Continuing Education Director Dacey Bonney, PO Box 1389, Ballston Lake, NY 12019
  • Classes begin with week of Sept. 24 (unless otherwise noted.)




Hiroko Kawasaki • $70 ($73 NR) • 10 weeks (begins 9/24) • 5:30-6:30 pm • Pashley Elementary School Gym

LaBlast is a dance fitness program based on all the dances you see on Dancing With the Stars. It is partner free and anyone can do it. LaBlast is an interval-based, cardio-style workout that will challenge, inspire, and teach you the true skill of dance while “blasting” away calories. It is a multi-level program that allows you to progress at your own rate and is for every age and level. We dance to all music genres, from pop to rock, Latin to country, and everything in between. ($63 for seniors.)

Aqua Zumba**

Karen Stern • $60 ($63 NR) • 8 weeks (begins 9/24) • 7:45-8:30 pm • HS Pool

This class is perfect for those looking to make a splash by adding a low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise to their fitness routine. Less impact on joints means you can really let loose using the water’s natural resistance to tone your muscles. ($53 for seniors.)

Recreational Basketball

Fred Marcelli • $50 ($53 NR) • 10 weeks (begins 9/24) • 7:30-9:30 pm • MS Gym

Participants must pre-register for basketball. Class is limited to the first 30 registrations received. Teams are formed each week and play in a non-competitive environment. It’s a great workout!

Gentle Yoga** (also available Thursdays)

Chris Darby-King • $60 ($63 NR) • 10 weeks (begins 9/24)• 7:15-8:30 pm • Charlton Heights Gym

This class is a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body to release stress and tension from joints and muscles. The principles of alignment, breath work, movement, and balance will be introduced. There is an emphasis placed on increasing strength and flexibility, and promoting relaxation and stress reduction. Please bring a yoga mat, small pillow or cushion, and a tie or strap to class. ($54 for seniors.)

Basket Weaving: field basket**

Patti Brousseau • $30 ($33 NR)/session • 4 weeks, Session 1: 9/24-10/22 • Session 2: 10/29-11/19 • 7-9 pm • MS Room 103

In this workshop you will make a large field basket with pottery handles. It measures 10” at the base, 14” diameter at the top and 12” tall. You can incorporate colored reed to match your pottery handles or choose bushel basket handles instead. Please bring an old towel, clothespins, an awl or regular thin screwdriver, sharp knife (small exatco knife works well), and a sturdy pair of scissors. A $45.00 supply fee is payable to the instructor the first night. ($27 for seniors.)

Mastering a Mindset for Peace

Kim Perone • $12 ($15 NR) • Oct. 1 • 6-7 pm • MS Library

Stress is everywhere. Learn how to harness the power of positivity, engage new tools and techniques, expand your perspective, prioritize, and reap the benefits. Join Life Coach Kim Perone from the Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment in Burnt Hills for this one-hour workshop that can change the way you look at things. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

The Power of You**

Kim Perone • $90 ($93) • 4 weeks (10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/5) • 6-7:30 pm • MS Library

Join Certified Life Coach Kim Perone from The Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment in Burnt Hills for four weeks of empowerment. If clarity, compassion, and contentment are present then fear, chaos, stress, overwhelmingness, and doubt fade away. Aimed at propelling you forward in life and enabling you to live your life with purpose, these four weeks are designed with your highest self in mind. Pave the way for your inspired life! Each week will build upon the previous week and empower you to live your best life. ($81 for seniors.)

Understanding Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds*

Steve Vadney • $5 (NR $8) • Oct. 29 • 6:30-8 pm • MS Room 120

Since its inception, Halliday’s flagship course has been attended by thousands. Learn the basics from our investment professionals on the staples of the modern portfolio: stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. This course outlines the differences between these types of investments so you can best determine the right ventures for you. Learn about how proper asset allocation can lower your overall risk and increase your return. Track and monitor your investments with confidence as you plan for your financial future.

Financial Planning Basics*

Jeffrey Jones • $5 (NR $8) • Nov. 19 • 6:30-8 pm • MS Room 120

In this presentation, we’ll take a look at some general financial planning concerns. While there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” financial plan, this overview should assist you in thinking about your own needs.


Continuing Yoga**

Judy Rightmyer • $60 ($63 NR) • 10 weeks (begins 9/25) • 7:15-8:30 pm • Charlton Heights Gym

This class will focus on yoga postures, meditation, and breathing techniques with a goal of “meditation in motion.” Relaxation and connection to the present moment will be practiced through developing breath and body awareness. Some experience with yoga practice is preferred. Students are asked to bring a yoga mat, a small pillow or cushion, and a lightweight blanket. ($54 for seniors.)

About Boating Safely

Coast Guard Auxiliary • $10 • 4 weeks (begins 9/25) • 7-9 pm • MS Room 121

This course includes topics such as types of boats, lines & knots, safety equipment, trailering, VHF radios, handling, aids to navigation, rules of the waterway, and weather. Special attention is given to safe operation of Personal Watercraft (PWC). A proctored, closed-book examination is given at the end of the course. Passing the exam qualifies boaters for a course certificate recognized by all states including New York and usually qualifies a boater for a discount on marine insurance. A textbook/study guide is included with the course fee. Fees are $20 for a single student and $5 for each additional family member sharing a book. The class is for persons 10 year of age and older, and the certificate qualifies a young adult to solo operate a powered vessel. However, solo operators of PWCs must be at least age 14 years in New York state. Recent changes to New York regulations require all power boat operators born after May 1, 1996 to carry a safe boating certificate.

Essential Oils for Teachers

Lyndsay Stein • $12 (NR $15) • Sept. 25 • 6:30-8 pm • MS Room 105

Welcome back to school! Join me to learn some basic essential oil education with a focus on essential oil blends that are all about helping teachers out! Each participant will make and take home a customized teacher blend. Some examples include: Calm Teacher, Happy Teacher, Lesson Plan Focus, Well Teacher, Rise & Shine Energy Blend, and many more. You do not have to a teacher to attend, either. These blends make great teacher gifts. ($5 materials fee.)

Beginner Rumba**

Thomas Russell • $90 ($93 NR)/couple • 8 weeks (begins 9/25)• 7:15-8:15 pm • Pashley Gym

Learn the “dance of love”, the romantic rumba, danced to slow Latin music. Thomas and Tamara have over 15 years of Ballroom Dance experience. They also choreograph wedding dances and teach group and private lessons out of their home studio in Burnt Hills. Leather-soled shoes are recommended. ($81 for seniors.)

Recreational Volleyball

Sandy Hutchinson • $50 ($53 NR) • 10 weeks (begins 9/25) • 7:30-9:30 pm • MS Gym

This course is for those who want a medium degree of exercise. Teams are formed each week. We play hard but fun is emphasized. Class is limited to 30 players.

Beginner Samba**

Thomas Russell • $90 ($93 NR)/couple • 8 weeks (begins 9/25) • 8:15-9:15 pm • Pashley Gym

This Brazilian party dance will get you moving on the dance floor and burning lots of calories at the same time. Thomas and Tamara have over 15 years of Ballroom Dance experience. They also choreograph wedding dances and teach group and private lessons out of their home studio in Burnt Hills. Leather-soled shoes are recommended. ($81 for seniors.)

Learn to Meditate

Helene Verdile • $12 ($15 NR) • Oct. 2 • 6-7 pm • MS Library

Have you been wondering what all the buzz is about meditation? Research shows meditation is beneficial for your brain. Learn the “why” of meditation, along with specific types of meditation. Join Guided Meditation Teacher and Certified Life Coach Helene Verdile from The Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment for this one-hour workshop that describes the ways in which meditation can positively impact your life, specifically Kundalini meditation, mindfulness, and mantra-based guided meditation. There will be a 20-minute guided meditation session and time for questions and answers.

Notary Public Prep Review

Victor Bujanow, CIC • $49 ($52 NR) • Oct. 2 • 6-9 pm • MS Room 120

This workshop prepares you for the New York State Notary Public test and will provide you with comprehensive view of the Notary Public office. Confusing laws, concepts, and procedures will be clearly explained and clarified. Examples will be provided to illuminate situations that a Notary Public officer is likely to encounter. Topics include avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining professional ethics, charging proper fees, handling special situations, when to defer an attorney, and minimizing legal liability. This workshop is a must for Notary Public candidates to become fully aware of the authority, duties, and responsibilities involved in this office. All materials will be provided including website links to NYS Department of State licensing information, booklets, and forms. Also featured is an 80-question practice exam which attempts to emulate the actual NYS mandatory exam. ($5 workbook fee.)

Getting Paid to Talk*

Voice Coaches Producer • $15 ($18 NR) • Oct. 9 • 6:30-9 pm • Off site: 26 Vly Road, Albany, 12205

Have you ever been told you have a great voice? From audio books and cartoons to documentaries, commercials, and more this class will introduce you to the growing field of voice over. Learn what the pros look for, how to prepare, and where to find work in your area. We’ll discuss industry pros and cons and play sample recordings from voice over professionals. In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to record a short professional script under the direction of our teacher. This class is lots of fun, realistic, and a great first step for anyone interested in the voice over field. For more info please visit:

Home Buyers Workshop*

Pamela Barnes & Sue Richards • $5 • Oct. 9 • 7-9 pm • MS Room 109

Finding the perfect home can be difficult. Start on the right foot to learn just how much has changed over the years. Educational materials will cover the many ways to finance a home, inspections, contract law, new regulations, pitfalls, type of searches, and pricing. You’ll be guided through a complete timeline—start to finish. A housing inspector, mortgage originator, and attorney will be present to answer questions. For more information, contact the instructor at 518-281-4441.

Medicare Made Easy*

Maureen Hallaran from Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group, Ltd. • $5 ($8 NR) • Oct. 9 or 30 • 6:30-8:30 pm • MS Room 120

Whether you are approaching Medicare age, already on Medicare, or a caregiver who assists parents or elderly relatives finding the right Medicare coverage can be difficult. Having proper knowledge is essential for picking the right plan. At this workshop, you will learn the basics about Medicare and its accompanying parts, premiums, and deductibles. Join us as we show you how to evaluate and make an educated decision in choosing your Medicare plan every year with confidence.

Green Up Your Clean with Essential Oils

Lyndsay Stein • $12 (NR $15) • Oct. 16 • 6:30-8 pm • MS Room 105

Sign up for this class to learn about doTERRA essential oils and how they provide natural solutions to toxic chemical cleaners. We will share recipes and provide the opportunity to make and take home a bottle of your own natural, safe, and effective cleaner. ($5 materials fee.)

Comprehensive Retirement Planning*

Richard Lane • $5 • Two Nights: Oct. 23 & 30 • 6:30-8 pm • MS Room 105

A study of all the issues and decisions facing soon-to-be retirees or those currently enjoying the golden years, including efficient portfolio design for the retiree, retirement income planning, risk mitigation in retirement, Social Security decision making, tax considerations, and efficient tax and estate planning. More topics will also be explored and you’ll leave with the tools needed to develop a retirement financial plan.

College Funding*

Bob Gomez • $12 ($15 NR) • Oct. 23 • 6-7 pm • MS Room 121

I want to save for my child’s college education. So what now? Both the pros and cons for each major saving program will be explored. College costs are a long way away and very scary to think about. However, they can be reduced with timely action. This presentation gives the actionable knowledge to make the issue a more manageable event.

Planning Your Magical Disney Experience

Colleen Parisi • $15 ($18 NR) • Oct. 23 • 6-7:30 pm • MS Room 109

This course will teach you how to arrange for a magical experience at Disney with step-by-step planning tips. A handout will be shared and there will be time for question and answers. You’ll learn this and much more from a frequent Disney traveler.

Fearless: Anxiety Management & Release

Helene Verdile • $120 ($139 NR) • Oct. 30, Nov. 6, 13 & 20 • 7-8:15 pm • MS Room 107

Develop an understanding of anxiety and fear, take a fear inventory exercises to process and release fear, mantras and meditations to support progress, rewiring old patterns, and more! Helene is a Certified Life Coach at the Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment in Burnt Hills.

Annuities Demystified*

Bob Gomez • $12 ($15 NR) • Nov. 6 • 6-7 pm • MS Room 121

This class explains the current features of annuities. The misinformation and financial gobbledygook will be taken out of the discussion. This will not be what you have heard on the radio but rather will explain how annuities can also be used as a safe way to save for your future and for your family’s future.

Writing Stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul Anthologies

Wendy Haugh • $20 (NR $23) • Nov. 6 & 13 • 6:30-7:30 pm • MS Room 120

Have you ever wondered what it takes to write and submit stories for those ever-popular Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies? Have you ever thought of writing and submitting one of your own stories? If so, this course is for you. Learn what editor-in-chief Amy Newmark is looking for—and how you, too, can become part of this “good-news” company whose worldwide success depends exclusively on stories just like yours!

Essential Oils for Mamas & Kids

Lyndsay Stein • $12 (NR $15) • Nov. 13 • 6:30-8 pm • MS Room 105

Learn how to use essential oils for both mothers and children. (There are special blends available for babies as well!) The roll-on blends are a great way for new users to experience essential oils: they are simple to make,
easy to apply, and inexpensive to use. Even experienced users will enjoy discovering new blends and applications for familiar oils. ($5 materials fee.)

Social Security: Your Questions Answered

Chris Nyhan • No cost • Nov. 13 • 7-8 pm • MS Room 109

Social Security can be a very important part of a person’s retirement income. If you are like many retirees or those approaching retirement, you probably have a lot of questions about Social Security. In this course the following will be discussed: How does Social Security fit into my retirement income plan? When should I start taking benefits? What about taxes? Additionally, marital, widow, and divorcee benefits and making choices based upon personal situations will be discussed.

How to Get to the 0% Tax Bracket*

Steve Kamen • $5 ($8 NR) • Two Nights: Dec. 4 & 11 • 6-9 pm • MS Room 121

At Mosaic Wealth Strategies we believe there is a massive freight train bearing down on the average American investor and will eventually come in the form of higher taxes. If you’re like most Americans you saved the majority of your retirement assets in tax-deferred vehicles like 401(K)s and IRAs. If tax rates go up how much of your hard-earned money will you really end up with? This is a step-by-step road map for those who qualify on how to get to a 0 percent tax bracket. The course is based on the book The Power Of Zero by David McKnight, which is about effectively eliminating tax rate risk from your retirement picture. Why is the 0 percent tax bracket so powerful? Because if tax rates double two times zero is still zero! (Materials fee: $15)



Rubber Stamping classes*

Deb Valder • $12 ($15 NR) • 7-9 pm • MS Room 105

Please bring a small pair of sharp scissors and adhesive. A $10 materials fee for each course will be payable to the instructor the night of class. No previous experience necessary. Visit for samples of instructor’s work. (If you want to sign up for all of the classes, you may pay with one check. There are no refunds after the first class.)
Sept. 26: Stamp a Stack of HOLIDAY Cards
You will stamp a stack of holiday cards and will go home with two of each card along with envelopes.

Oct. 3: Black & White Class
Stamp cards using black and white materials. You will be wowed with what you create.

Oct. 24: Stamp a Stack of Cards
In this class participants will create a bundle of cards.

Nov. 7: More Holiday Cards
This class is filled with over-the-top holiday cards. Please join me for a welcoming and wonderful evening to celebrate the holidays.

Circular Motion T’ai Chi**

Anthony Grimaldi • $50 ($53 NR) • 10 weeks (begins 9/26) • 6:15-7:15 pm • Pashley Elementary Gym

Participants will learn a Chen style T’ai Chi routine for better balance and movement. The routine is performed slowly for optimal breathing and to help lower blood pressure. ($45 for seniors.)

Competitive Volleyball

Mike Merrill • $50 ($53 NR) • 10 weeks (begins 9/26) • 7:30-9:30 pm • MS Front Gym

Participants should have a mastery of basic volleyball skills—bumping, setting, and spiking. Emphasis will be on team play in a competitive environment with designated setters and spikers encouraged. Teams will be formed each night. USA Volleyball rules will be followed and will be discussed during the first session. Class size is limited and participation in the program is based on an individual’s skill level.

 Boom or Bust—What happens if my company can’t pay my pension?*

Darren Leader, CFA • $5 ($8 NR) • Oct. 3 or Nov. 14  • 6:30 pm • MS Room 121

Your pension is crucial to your retirement security. But what happens to your pension benefit if your company goes bankrupt? What does it mean for you if your company has a large shortfall in pension funding? Will you still get your pension? Will it be reduced? Join us to learn about the protections that exist for your pension benefit and how your pension should fit into your ‘big picture’ financial plan.

Estate Planning—Taking the Mystery Out*

Richard A. Fuerst, Esq. • $5 (NR $8) • Oct. 10 • 6:30-8:30 pm • MS Room 121

In this workshop, experienced local attorney Richard Fuerst will sensitively consider all of your estate planning questions. You’ll look at everything from an attorney’s perspective, including taking the mystery out of wills, healthcare proxies, powers of attorney and trusts. You’ll also learn to “ins and outs” of estate planning in simple, non-legal terms, learn the latest legal and government changes related to nursing home and Medicaid considerations, as well as avenues available to reduce wealth transfer taxation.

Cake Decorating*

Julie Paul • $20 ($23 NR) • Oct. 10 • 6-8:30 pm • MS Room 105

Have you ever wanted to learn how to decorate buttercream cakes like a professional? In this class you will learn how to fill, stack, and frost a cake. Students will also learn basic cake decorating techniques including borders, writing, drop flowers, roses, and other frosting techniques. You will even take home your beautiful cakes. There is $20 materials fee payable to the instructor at class. Students will need to bring a box or container (at least 8 inches in size) to transport their cakes. For questions contact instructor at Maximum class size is 12 people.



Karen Stern • $60 ($63 NR) • 8 weeks (begins 9/27) • 7-8 pm • Pashley Elementary School Cafetorium

This class is perfect for everybody and every body! Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it out. In this class we take the “work” out of workout by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and world rhythms take over you’ll see why Zumba® classes are often called exercise in disguise. Is it super effective? Check. Is it super fun? Check. Zumba® is a total workout that combines all elements of fitness—cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy, and a serious dose of awesomeness each time you leave class.

New Reverse Mortgage—Is it right for you?*

Burt Farbstein • $5 • Oct. 4, 11 or Dec. 6 • 7-8:30 pm • MS Room 107

This course will guide you through the relevant facts, dispel old myths, and clarify misconceptions about the current reverse mortgage. But, more importantly, is it right for you and your personal situation? In this course we will go through qualifications, type of mortgages available, different ways you can receive your tax-free cash, impact on inheritance and your heirs, as well as different ways a reverse mortgage can positively impact your life in matters of retirement planning, health-related services, or just improving your overall lifestyle.

Every Man’s Philanthropy*

Audra Higgins • $5 (NR $8) • Nov. 8 • 6:30-8 pm • MS Room 121

How often have you said “I would love to give but...”? You do not have to be a multimillionaire to give! This class aims to share the creative ways to give while overcoming negative impact on retirement income, fears about long-term care costs, or not having funds for family and beneficiaries. We will share the ways everyday assets, investment tools, insurance products, and legal vehicles can be used to facilitate charitable giving. Small gifts over time can have a big impact!

Home Sellers Workshop*

Pamela Barnes & Sue Richards • $5 • Oct. 11 • 7-9 pm • MS Room 109

Save time and money. Being well informed about the process of selling your home, whether you are doing it yourself or not, will help you avoid common costly mistakes. Learn valuable information crucial to pricing, which improvements work best, staging, right sizing, new forms of advertising and marketing, qualifying, negotiations, safety, and seller expenses. Up-to-date information regarding changes in the NYS law and contracts will also be discussed. Also hear information from a real estate attorney. For more information contact the instructors at 518-281-4441.

Gentle Yoga**

Chris Darby-King • $60 ($63 NR) • 10 weeks (begins 9/27) • 7:15-8:30 pm • Charlton Heights Gym

This class is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body to release stress and tension from joints and muscles. The basic principles of alignment, breath work, movement, and balance will be introduced. There will also be an emphasis placed on increasing strength and flexibility, and promoting relaxation and stress reduction. Please bring a yoga mat, small pillow or cushion, and a tie or strap to class. ($54 for seniors.)

Driving Courses

Defensive driving

Angela Temple • $40 • Oct. 6, Nov. 10 or Dec. 15 • 8 am-2 pm • HS Room 207

This is a Department of Motor Vehicles approved six-hour program that allows you to save 10 percent off your collision and liability insurance and up to four points off your driving record. The course is sponsored by the Empire Safety Council. Be sure to check with your insurance company about any premium reduction. A video, lecture, and often humorous class discussions highlight this course. Participants must bring their NYS driver’s license/permit along with a pen.

2-Night Defensive Driving

Armand Canestraro • $40 • Oct. 15 & 16 • 6-9 pm • MS Room 107

This Department of Motor Vehicles approved six-hour defensive driving program is sponsored by the Empire Safety Council. Participants are required to bring with them their NYS driver’s license, a pen, and must attend both classes to complete the course requirements and receive credit. Please arrive ten minutes early to class.

5-Hour Pre-licensing Driving Course

Bill Cassidy • $40 • Two nights: Sept. 18 & 19; Nov. 6 & 7; Dec. 11 & 12; Feb. 5 & 6; March 5 & 6; May 21 & 22 • 7-9:30 pm • HS Room 206

This course fulfills the New York state 5-hour classroom requirement for those signing up to take a road test. People who have taken driver education and received a blue card do not have to take this course. Please indicate the class dates on the registration card. Please bring permit to class.