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Nov 16, 2018
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Counseling Center: Publications

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Newsletter (Counselor Corner)


Other Publications

  • BH-BL Profile [PDF]. This is a summary of graduation data for the most recent graduating class. It is included with a student's college application.
  • Community Service Form [PDF].  This form is for student use.  We suggest you keep a copy for your records.
  • Athletic Release Form [PDF]. This form needs to be completed and submitted to your counselor in order for BH-BL to forward your academic information to college coaches.
  • Your Next Step Junior Edition [PDF].  This booklet is given out by the counselor at the student's junior conference and includes many useful tips on the college search process, ACT/SAT testing, student athlete information (NCAA), writing a college essay and our Naviance program.
  • Your Next Step Senior Edition [PDF].  This booklet is given out by the counselor at the student's fall senior conference and includes the college application process, how to build a resume, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and a detailed look at SUNY options (updated 2018).
  • Requesting a Teacher Letter of Recommendation [PDF].  This form is used by seniors in the college application process (updated 2017).
  • College Application Procedure Sheet [PDF].  This form is given to seniors during their fall conference to use as a guideline for completing college applications (updated 2017).
  • Senior Information Sheet [PDF].  Checklist to prepare for the college application season (updated 2017).


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