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Nov 19, 2018
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Building Council

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Each BH-BL school has a Building Council whose goal is to help improve the quality of education for all students through a shared-decision making committee.

The committee is comprised of teachers, administrators, staff and parents. There are teacher members selected for Building Council in each school who are also members of one of the six district K-12 committees: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health and special services.

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2018-19 Building Council Members

Tim Brunson, Principal, Co-Chair

Jeff Reynolds, Building President, Co-Chair

Daniel LeClaire, Assistant Principal

Tom DiAcetis, Assistant Principal

John Antoski, K-12 Social Studies Supervisor

Amy Durant, Teacher

Jackie Grassmann, (PD Representative)

Sarah Weed, (SD Representative)

Regina Reals, Teacher

Amber Shanholtz, Teacher

Kate Jones, Teacher

Karen Russell, Teacher

Matt Shell, Teacher

Todd Bucci, Teacher

Jessica Fedoroff, Teacher

Mike Mosall, Teacher

Jen Jonaitis, Teacher

VACANT, Technology

Chris Tuxill, CSEA

Kerry Austin, Counselor

Colleen Karl, Parent Representative

Chase Holt, Student (SGO) Representative


Building Council Minutes

2016-17 Monthly Minutes

2015-16 Monthly Minutes

2014-15 Monthly Minutes