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Nov 16, 2018
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June 4, 2018

OMS Girls on the Run finish 5K

Congrats to the O'Rourke Middle School Girls on the Run Heart & Sole team for finishing their season with a 5K run against nine other teams from the Capital Region. The 16 middle school girls all ran with their running buddies and coaches who have been supporting them throughout the season. Way to go Siri Adams, Alanna Best, Shelby Carusone, Shelby Cataldo, Karla Colley, Abby Crowe, Hailey Doherty, Kaitlin Hopper, Sophie Howard, Mandi LaBombard, Abbie Miller, Anna Overholt, Ava Vendetti, Elise Waller, Natalie Warner, and Olivia Wood; (coaches) Lindsay Armbruster, Kelly Chila, Karen Kersch, Kodi Kibler; and (running buddies) Sue LaRosa, Jennifer Sutliff, Cheryl Garrant, Laurie Coniglione, Kathy Henry-Starace, and Kate Jones.