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Oct 16, 2018
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Grade 6 Enrichment Choices Due July 13

Each 6th grade student has a rotation of “mini” courses (8 weeks) in their yearly schedule. These courses, PE, Health, Art, Digital Literacy, World Language and Music, are offered to every 6th grade student as part of the enrichment program.

This year, we are pleased to announce that in addition to the courses that every student will receive, we have new opportunities for Enrichment for 6th grade students during the school day. With the exception of Band and Orchestra, these enrichment activities are non-graded, fun experiences that we offer 6th graders as part of the day.

Additional Information

Most students will be able to participate in at least one of the enrichment activities during the school year. Each session runs every other day opposite a structured free period (or Chorus, AIS, Resource Room, Band/Orchestra). During the free period, students may work on assignments or get a Bookworm Pass. Each activity session runs for one semester, or 20 weeks. These are not graded activities. Again, these are supplemental to the traditional mini course cycle that is offered to every sixth grade student.

We ask that students use the enrichment link to make their choice. Students will be asked to rank in order ALL of the selections we have. (Band and Orchestra are not choices for enrichment. Children have already been placed in sections of Band/Orchestra.) We will make every attempt to ensure students get a selection out of their top three choices. If a student is not interested in any of the choices, they will have a structured study period each day during this time.

Students in performing music, ie: Band, Orchestra will have their rehearsals twice per week during this enrichment time. If a Performing Music Student would like to take an additional enrichment course (in addition to their performing group) they will be placed in these additional enrichment sessions after their all non-music students have been scheduled. Please make your selections by July 13, 2018. If no selections are made, students will be placed in an enrichment course as openings permit. If you have trouble with the website link, call the MAIN OFFICE at 399-9141 ext. 84001. Please call us with any questions.

Enrichment Topics

Band and Orchestra

Learning to play a musical instrument is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In addition, numerous studies have shown that instruction on an instrument develops intellectual and social skills that help children in all areas of their academic career and beyond. Participation in 6th Grade Band and Orchestra is a continuation of the experiences that students began in their elementary schools. Rehearsals occur twice per week during the school day and instrumental lessons are offered on a weekly rotating basis. Concerts during the school year give students the thrills of live performance and prepare them for participation in our award-winning high school music groups, who have performed in music festivals in Canada, Orlando, Boston, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, and England. Band and Orchestra students may have opportunities to experience some of the other enrichment classes on days that they do not have rehearsals.

Sports & Recreation

This Physical Education enrichment class will give our students the opportunity to spend more time in the normal PE setting with competitive and lifetime sports. It will also involve students spending time in the fitness center where the students will be able to track their workouts and learn ways to lead a healthy life. Students will also discuss and watch examples of sports history throughout the school year.

Designing Robotic, Engineering And Mechanical Systems (DREAMS)

Do you like to work in teams to design and create things? Do you want to take things apart to learn why and how things work? In DREAMS you will do all these things and more! Students will also design using google sketchup, learn some basic coding with scratch, put together a simple robot, create using the 3d printer, and compete in teams to create projects to solve various engineering design challenges. Along the way we will learn about robotics, hand tools, CAD software, and several aspects of the engineering process.

Creative Writing

This class focuses on the joy of writing. Students will respond to prompts and readings provided by the teacher, as well as work on their own pieces and interests. Students will work independently and with a writing group to notice the way other student writers in their class explore language and writing in fun and new ways. Students will compose a book of their writing to share with others.

Coding & Gaming

Have you ever wanted to see how a computer thinks? Or how a programmer creates a video game? In this Coding & Gaming course, you will learn how to speak the language of computers to create your own games and programs with custom artwork, controls and objectives!

Survive & Thrive in Middle School

Welcome to Middle School!!! It’s a whole new world kids, new teachers, new classes, new building, new expectations, new opportunities. You’re probably a bit (or really!) nervous (normal!) and excited (also normal!); this enrichment course will help you get the most out of middle school. This activity-based course helps you not only survive middle school, but THRIVE during your first year here and beyond! We will explore mental and social well-being in order to set you up for success and happiness.

Mandarin Chinese

Welcome to the Introductory Chinese language and culture class. This class is taught by a native Chinese speaker. The students will learn the Chinese phonic system (pinyin), tones, learn how to speak the official Chinese language Mandarin, and write simplified Chinese characters. Topics to be covered include greetings, age, colors, main body parts, identification of immediate family members and numbers. We’ll also learn a couple of songs, make a popular Chinese craft, and learn a classic poem. The students will be able to identify where China is on a map or on a globe. We'll learn how to use chopsticks, and explore the Great Wall and learn about big pandas.