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Nov 16, 2018
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Policy Manual

What is the Board of Education Policy Manual?

The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Board of Education Policy Manual is a formal document that describes and controls how the district will operate. It includes hundreds of individually numbered policies that have been formally adopted by the Board of Education to date.

How are policies added or changed?

Under state law, there is a formal process by which policies are added to or changed in a school district's policy manual. All proposed changes must appear on the agenda of at least two Board meetings before being approved. Proposed changes appear first as a discussion item at one meeting. Board members cannot vote on the change until a subsequent meeting. Policies are reviewed periodically to keep them up to date. One tool Board members use in this process is the Model School Boards Policy Manual provided by the New York State School Boards Association.

How do I find the policy I want?

The BH-BL Policy Manual is divided into 10 sections as shown in the Table of Contents below. Each policy can be viewed as a separate pdf format file. There are two ways to find the policy you want:

1. Use the Table of Contents below and click on the relevant policy.

2. Use our Policy Search feature.


Policy Manual Table of Contents

Policy Series 0000: Philosophy, Goals and Objectives

Policy Series 1000: Community Relations

Policy Series 2000: School Board Governance and Operations

Policy Series 3000: Administration

Policy Series 4000: Instruction

Policy Series 5000: Student Policies

Policy Series 6000: Fiscal Management

Policy Series 7000: Facilities Development

Policy Series 8000: Support Services

Policy Series 9000: Personnel Policies


Policy Series 0000: Philosophy, Goals and Objectives

0000 Educational Philosophy
0100 Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity
0110 Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Sex and Handicap in Education Program and Activities
0115 Dignity for All / Anti-Bullying / AR0115 Dignity for All / Anti-Bullying
0200 School District Goals and Objectives
0220 District Goals for School Operations
0310 Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures
0320 Evaluation of Superintendent


Policy Series 1000: Community Relations

1000 Community Relations Goals
1050 Annual District Meeting

1100 Public Information Regarding School Program
1120 School District Records
1130 Media Relations
1131 Communications From The Schools
1145 Communication Through Students
1150 Publication of Articles

1200 Community Involvement
1220 Relations with Community and Business Organizations
1221 Parent-Teacher Association
1222 Relations with Booster Club Organizations
1223 Senior Citizen Identification Card
1230 Public Participation at Board Meetings

1300 Public Activities Involving Staff and Students

1400 Public Complaints
1420 Public Requests for Reconsideration of Curriculum or Instructional Material
1440 Complaints Concerning School Personnel

1500 Community Use of School Facilities / AR1500 Use of District Facilities
1510 Public Sales on School Property  
1511 Advertising in the Schools
1512 Soliciting Funds from School Personnel
1530 Smoking on School Premises

1600 Relations with Other Governmental Agencies

1741 Home School Programs

1800 Gifts from the Public
1810 Gifts to School Personnel and Students

1900 Parent and Family Engagement
1925 Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents


Policy Series 2000: School Board Governance & Operations

2000 School Board Operational Goals

2100 School Board Legal Status and Authority
2110 Board of Education Membership
2120.2 Registration of Voters
2160 Code of Ethics
2175 Defense and Indemnification of Employees

2210 Organization of the Board
2220 Officers of the Board
2230 Clerk of the Board, Treasurer, Collector of Taxes
2240 Board-Superintendent Relationship
2250 Advisory Committees to the Board
2260 Citizen or Staff Advisory Committees
2265 School Building Education Plans
2270 Legal Counsel

2310 Meetings of the Board of Education
2320 Special Meetings
2330 Executive Sessions
2340 Public Notice of Meetings
2342 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
2352 Parliamentary Procedure
2360 Minutes of Meetings

2410 Board Policy Development
2420 Formulation of Administrative Regulations
2440 Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board Policy

2500 Board Member Services
2510 Assistance to New Board Members
2520 Board Member Training
2521 Board Member Development Opportunities
2530 Membership in Associations

2710 Use of E-Mail by Members of the Board of Education


Policy Series 3000: Administration

3000 Administrative Responsibility

3100 Superintendent of Schools

3200 Organizational Plan / AR3200 Administrative Organization
3210 Central Administration

3350 Student Handbooks

3410 Annual Reports


Policy Series 4000: Instruction

4000 District Goals for Instructional Program
4000E BH-BL 21st Century Framework
4001 Annual Public Reporting

4110 School Calendar
4112 School Day

4200 Grade K-12 Curriculum Committees

4300 Curriculum
4310 Basic Instructional Program
4311.1 Display of Flag
4314 Vocational Education (Vo Tec)
4318 Driver Education
4321 Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
4321.1 Provision of Special Education Services in the Least Restrictive Environment
4321.2 Response to Intervention (RtI)
4321.3 Special Services and Classes
4321.4 Independent Educational Evaluations / AR4321.4 Independent Educational Evaluations
4321.5 Individualized Education Program Distribution
4321.6 Availability of Alternative Format Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities
4321.7 Districtwide and Statewide Assessments of Students with Disabilities
4321.8 Appintment and Compensation of Impartial Hearing Officers
4321.9 Declassification of Students with Disabilities
4321.10 Programs and Services for Parentally-Placed Nonpublic School Students with Disabilities
4321.11 Public Report on Revisions to District Policies, Practices and Procedures Upon a Finding of Significant Disproportionality
4321.12 Use of Time Out Rooms, Physical Restraints and Aversives
4321.13 Preschool Special Education
4321.14 Special Education Personnel
4321.15 Appointment of Surrogate Parents
4322 Programs for Gifted Students
4326 English as a Second Language (ESL) / English Language Learners (ELL) Instruction
4327 Home Teachers / AR4327 Home Teaching / AR4327 Home Teaching - Form A
4328 Vehicle Repair in Auto Shops
4331 Summer School

4420 Class Size
4430 Organization of Instruction (Schedules)

4511 Textbook Selection and Adoption
4512 Instructional Media Selection and Adoption  / AR4512 Instructional Media Selection and Adoption
4513 Library Materials
4526 Network/Internet Acceptable Use Policy / AR4526 Responsible Use of Technology
4526.1 Internet Safety / AR4526.1 Internet Safety
4531 Relationship Between the School and Private Tours / AR4531 Field Trips
4532 Involvement of Community Members in theSchools (Volunteers)

4710 Grading Systems
4712 Reporting to Parents
4720 Secondary Examinations
4730 Homework
4750 Promotion and Retention of Students
4751 Acceleration for K-5 / AR4751 Acceleration for K-5
4770 Graduation Requirements
4772 Graduation Ceremonies

4821 Ceremonies and Observations
4850 Animals in the Schools

Policy Series 5000: Student Policies

5000 Student Support Services
5030 Grievance and Appeal
5040 Prayer in the Schools

5100 Student Attendance
5120 School Census
5130 Student Withdrawal from School
5140 Age of Entrance
5151 Homeless Children / AR5151 Homeless Children
5152 Admission of Non-Resident Students
5153 School Assignment and Attendance Areas / AR5153 Elementary Class Placements
5162 Student Release Precautions
5182 Released Time for Religious Instruction

5200 Student Activities
5215 Advisory Councils
5251 Relations Between the Public and Students
5252 Management of Student Activity Funds
5260 School Sponsored Contests for Students
5280 Interscholastic Athletic Programs

5300 Code of Conduct - Table of Contents
5300.05 Introduction to the Code of Conduct
5300.10 Code of Conduct: Definitions
5300.15 Student Responsibility and Freedom of Expression
P5300.20 Essential Partners
5300.25 Student Dress Code
5300.30 Prohibited Student Conduct
5300.35 Reporting Violations
5300.40 Disciplinary Procedures
5300.45 Alternative Instruction
5300.50 Discipline of Students with Disabilities
5300.55 Corporal Punishment Prohibition
5300.60 Student Searches and Interrogations
5300.65 Visitors to the Schools
5300.70 Public Conduct on School Property
5300.75 Dissemination and Review

5405 Student Wellness / AR5405 Student Wellness
5420 Student Health Services  / AR5420 Student Health Services / AR5420.1 Insect Stings / AR5420.2 Pediculosis (Head Lice)
P5421 Allergy/Anaphylaxis / AR5421 Allergy/Anaphylaxis Management
5440 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention
5460 Child Abuse and Maltreatment
5470 Missing Children

5500 Student Records / AR5500 Student Records Regulation
5550 Student Privacy / AR5550 Student Data Privacy Officer
5620 Pregnant Students

5800 Awards for Achievement


Policy Series 6000: Fiscal Management

6000 Fiscal Management Goals

6110 Budget Planning
6112 Budget Priorities
6135 Contingency Budget
6140 Budget  Implementation
6150 Budget Transfers

6200 Income
6210 Local Tax Levy
6230 State and Federal Funds
6240 Investment of Surplus Cash
6250 Cash in School Buildings
6252 Admission to Athletic Contests

6410 Authorized Signatures

6500 Bonded Employees and Officers

6600 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
6620 Types of Funds
6630 Periodic Financial Reports
6640 Inventory of School Plant and Equipment
6650 Claims Auditor
6660 Independent/External Audits
6670 Petty Cash Funds
6680 Internal Audit Function
6685 Medicaid Compliance
6690 Audit Committee

6700 Purchasing
6705 Apparel Purchasing
6710 Purchasing Authority
6720 Bidding Requirements (Soliciting Prices) / AR6720 Purchasing Regulations
6730 Cooperative Purchasing
6731 State Contract Purchases

6800 Payroll Procedures
6810 Payday Schedules
6820 Salary Deductions
6830 Reimbursement for Expenses

6900 Sale of Property

Policy Series 7000: Facilities Development

7000 Facilities Development Goals

7100 Facilities Planning
7120 Enrollment Projections

7200 Financing Facilities Development
7210 Capital Reserve Funds
7220 Repair Reserve Funds

7300 Facilities Construction
7315 Educational Specifications
7320 Selection of Architect
7360 Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards

7500 Naming Facilities / AR7500 Naming Facilities

7770 Renovation of Facilities

7800 Closing or Reopening Facilities

Policy Series 8000: Support Services

8000 Evaluation of Support Services

8105 Identification
8110 Safety
8111 Reporting of Hazards
8120.2 Safe Use of Hazardous Materials
8121 First Aid
8122 Accident Reports
8123 Hygiene Precautions and Procedures
8130 Emergency Plans
8134 School Closings
8140 Unsafe School Transfer Choice

8200 Buildings and Grounds Management
8210 Building Security
8212 Reporting Costs of Vandalism
8220 Buildings and Grounds Inspections
8240 Traffic on School Property

8330 Authorized Use of District Owned Materials and Equipment
8332 Use of District Owned Cell Phones / AR8332 Use of District Owned Cell Phones
8334 Use of Credit Cards / AR8334 Use of Credit Cards

8400 Transportation / Transportation of Musical Instruments on School Bus Vehicles
8411 Bus Routes and Scheduling
8412 Exceptions to Regular Student Transportation
8414.3 Student Conduct on School Buses
8414.5 Alcohol and Drug testing for Safety Sensitive Positions
8414.7 Use of Seat Belts on School Bus Vehicles
8417 Transportation of Pupils in Private Vehicles / Request for Authorization to Transport Pupils in Private Vehicles

8500 Food Service
8505 Charging School Meals
8510 Food Purchasing
8520 Free or Reduced Price Lunches

8611 School Printing
8630 Data Management
8635 Information Security Breach and Notification
8650 Publication of Articles

8700 Insurance
8720 Liability Insurance

8800 Energy Management

8900 Resource Management
8910 Recycling Program


Policy Series 9000: Personnel Policies

9000 Personnel Policy Goals

9140.1 Staff Complaints and Grievances
9150 Staff-Student Relations
9170 Meals and Refreshments

9210 Assignment and Transfer
9240 Recruitment and Selection of Administrative Staff
9241 Summer School Teachers
9245 Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE)
9260 Conditional Hiring and Emergency Conditional Hiring
9270 Temporary Substitute and Part-time Personnel
9270.1 Substitute Teachers

9310 Physical Examination

9420 Evaluation of Support Staff
9420.1 Evaluation of Professional Staff / Annual Teacher and Administrator Performance Review
9430 Incidental Teaching

9500 Compensation and Related Benefits
9510.2 Support Staff Overtime Pay
9520.5 Absences and Leaves
9540.1 Employee Group Insurance
9560 Retirement Contributions

9600 Staff Conduct
9645 Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct

9700 Staff Development

9800 Collective Bargaining Negotiations