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Nov 16, 2018
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February  12, 2015
MS students art work to be exhibited at Proctors Fenimore Gallery

Congratulations to O'Rourke Middle School students Corey Simmons, Jared Rosselli, Sadie Mitchell and Taylor Grabo who were selected to have their artwork exhibited at Proctors Fenimore Gallery for the student show "Fool the Eye". This show was inspired by "The Illusionists Witness the Impossible." Student artwork will be on display from February 10 to March 9. These dates coincide with the Broadway run of "The Illusionists Witness the Impossible" which will be performed at Proctors theater from February 17 to 22. If your in Schenectady, stop by Fenimore Gallery to take a look at BH-BL's talented student artwork.