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Nov 16, 2018
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May 5, 2016

BH-BL student artwork chosen for 28th annual Capital Region BOCES Student Art Show

Congratulations to the following students who had artwork selected for the 28th Annual Student Art Show of The Arts and Enrichment Service of the Capital Region BOCES. The opening reception is Wednesday, May 11 from 4 to 6 p.m. at 900 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Suite 102, Albany, NY. The show is open to the public until the end of May.

High School:​ Aidan McKenna ​(9) ​- Graphite and Color Pencil Drawing, Sarah Milewski ​(10) ​- Oil Pastel Drawing​ (​Art Teacher: Wendy Corrigan), Cassidy Burgner ​(9) ​- Clay and Acrylic Paint​, Kaitlin Allison ​(9) ​- Clay and Acrylic Paint​ (Art Teacher: Christine Layden​) Andrea Desrochers ​(10) ​- Plaster, Wood & Acrylic, Alisa Mazon ​(9) ​- Stoneware and Acrylic  and Jeremy Robson ​(10) ​- Stoneware and Acrylic​ (Art Teacher: Regina Capobianco)​

O'Rourke Middle School : Caroline Holt ​(8) ​- Rose Water​​ (Art Teacher - Tammy Flint) and Madeline Boussa ​(7) ​- Plant Cell Diagram, Jack Winslow - Optical Identity​ (Art Teacher - Penny McDonnell

Charlton Heights Elementary School: Coco Boussa (5) - Tiger (Art Teacher - Lisa Johnson)

Pashley Elementary School: Eva Dion ​(5) ​- Vincent van Gogh, Cariline Kogut ​(4) ​- Georgia O'Keefe, and  Lydia Fripp ​(3) ​- Gyotaku Fish​ ​(Art Teacher - Star Gaworecki)

Stevens Elementary School: Evelyn Phelps (3) - Owl (Art Teacher - Lisa Johnson), Daniel Spade (4) - Rainforest Molas and Mary Hayden (5) - Graphic Name (Art Teacher - Star Gaworecki)