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Nov 19, 2018
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January 19, 2018

BH-BL HS student musicians perform in esteemed festivals

BH-BL music students are very busy this month  being honored with acceptance into three music festivals!

Congratulations to the folllowing students who were accepted into the Scholastic Suburban Council Music Festival and performed last weekend: Rebecca Landry, Matthew Sinnenberg, Camille Sirianni, and Kieran Thomas (Band), Hailey Aldrich, Ben Evans, Madeleine Hicks, and Ammon Smith (Chorus), and Erich Brucker, Abigail Evans, Jessica Landry, Andrew Rudolf, Jacob Schafer, Cedrick Sirianni, and Nathan Slisher (Orchestra).

On Saturday, Jan. 20 BH-BL students will perform in a concert at the Saratoga-Warren All-County Choral Festival at Hudson Falls High School at 2 p.m. Good luck to: Alexa Belanger, Angelo DeMarco, Shannon Dorch, Mikayla Dupuree, Rebecca Friedman, Skyler Haley, Ashlyn Hickey, Ava Leddick, and Mary Schwedatschenko (5-6 Chorus), Mia Belanger, Kenadie Fish, Victoria Frankewich, Sydney Gillan, and Abbie Miller ((7-9 Mixed Choir), Veronica Bikowicz, Lexie Childs, Olivia Dion, and Rochelle Tebbens (Treble Chorus), and Hailey Aldrich, Mary Hamilla, Madeline Hicks, Paige Kenneally, Aidan McKenna, Edison Roberts, and Julia Sitors (10-12 Chorus).

On Saturday, Jan. 27 BH-BL student musicians will perfrom in a concert at the Saratoga-Warren All-County Orchestra/Jazz Band Festival at 2 p.m. at BH-BL High School. Good luck to: Ella Neary, Elsa Newman, Liam Sullivan, Jimmy Tallman, and Myles Yannuzzi (6-7 Orchestra), Jami Fuson and Cheyenne Zhang (8-9 Orchestra), Erich Brucker, Lauren Carr, Andrew Rudolf, Jacob Schafer, Nathan Slisher, and Samantha Whitman (10-12 Orchestra), and Bradley Albright, Abigail Evans, Sam Hatfield, and Cedric Siriannni (9-12 Jazz Band).

"Congratulations to all of our outstanding student musicians for a job well done," says Fine Arts Director Pete Giroux.