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Nov 16, 2018
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May 29, 2018

students standing behind a table of food

Taquitos & Spanish language bring BH-BL students together

BH-BL High School students who are taking Spanish I and students in Mrs. Tallman's Transitions Program have a few things in commom: They enjoy learning Spanish language and noshing on Spanish & Mexican snacks.

The students taking Spanish I recently finished the food/restaurant/cooking unit where they studied the Spanish words for a variety foods and learned about the culture and traditions of Spanish meal times, such as siesta, as well as popular Spanish dishes. Part of the unit also required students to research Spanish and Mexican recipes, write a grocery list in Spanish and English, shop for the foods, and prepare the recipe.

Both groups of students went to Price Chopper with their lists where they shopped for ingredients. Back at school they worked together making tortilla espanola, taquitos, slasa, guacamole, and arroz con leche. Part of the dining experience included the Spanish I students teaching the students in the Transition Program Spanish vocabulary words while enjoying a meal together. The only difference between the Spanish meal at BH-BL and in Spain is that the studdents didn't get to nap, or siesta, after their afternoon meal.