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Nov 19, 2018
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Black box theater expands opportunities for students, community

Are you ready for poetry nights, small-scale performances, and live television broadcasts? These are just a few of the events that are made possible because of the high school’s new black box theater.

 A relatively new innovation in theater settings, the black box theater, includes a small performance space with black walls and a level floor designed to provide flexibility in stage and audience seating configurations.

“The less formal setting provides the means for students and staff to use the space for a variety of venues,”says English teacher Jen Summersell. “It can easily be used for everything from kinesthetic learning opportunities and movie nights for GPX and XFactor clubs to coffeehouse-style and LeFont events, to name just a few.”

The theater, which replaces the outdated lecture room (Blue Room), is outfitted with contemporary stage lighting and superior audio and video equipment. It will be used for public speaking classes where proper acoustics will help students better learn how to project their voice and enunciate. And, because the theater is equipped with a camera, students can record themselves while practicing a presentation.

Intro to Theater classes will also be held in the black box theater to give students authentic exposure to performances on a smaller, more manageable level. English classes that require students to read aloud
or act out parts of a play will also be held in the theater.

Included in the theater space will be a television production studio with a “green screen,”control booth, and monitors where students will produce and broadcast daily news and announcements, as well as video projects required for marketing classes.

Outside of the classroom, the black box theater provides an alternate location for drama club rehearsals, small workshops with visiting presenters, and in the future, events by community theater and drama groups.

“We are excited for and encouraged by the opportunities the black box theater will bring to the school and community,” says High School Principal Tim Brunson who is already looking to the future and has plans to expand course offerings to include television and movie production.

In the meantime, look for announcements on the website and Facebook and through email (SNN) about student events that will be held in the black box theater.

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